Executive Summary

Llano is located close to Vallenar city with easy access from National road 5. The project is found in the Cretaceous belt, an area where IOCG, porphyry and Fe-Apatite mineralization is typical.  The project is also 10 km to the southeast of Productora, a project that is currently in the feasibility stage.

Key points

  • 60 km with good access roads from Vallenar city.
  • Mining property. 700 ha, 100% MASGLAS.
  • Exploration stage. Basic mapping and sampling.
  • Exploration potential. Porphyry Cu-Mo, IOCG and Iron Ore.


Llano is located in the Atacama Region of northern Chile, and 30 kilometers to the south from Vallenar city.

Llano is found in the coastal belt, an area fertile in IOCG, Iron ore and Cretaceous porphyry mineralization (See Figure 1). Advanced exploration projects like Filipinas (Minera Activa; 9.3Mt@0.95% Cu, 0.3 g/t Au, 19% Fe inside a Fe ore body of 51Mt @ 27% Fe, 0.12 % Cu) and Productora (Hot Chili; 214.3 Mt @ 0.48% Cu, 0.1 g/t Au & 138ppm Mo) are also found in this productive belt. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1. Location of Llano project.
Figure 1. Location of Llano project.


Mining Property

Llano consists in 700 ha of exploration claims, 100% owned by MASGLAS.

Exploration potential

No exploration works were done at Llano project.

MASGLAS exploration works are underway.