Executive Summary

Platon is located near Copiapó city and is easily accessible via paved roads.  The project is adjacent to the recently discovered Cu-Au/skarn porphyry, Atlantida, and 15 km to the south of the Inca de Oro Porphyry. Mali is hosted over the extension of the Paleocene belt, a place of highly productive copper and gold mines in northern Chile.

Key points

  • 86 km with good access roads from Copiapó city.
  • Mining property. 4500 ha, 100% MASGLAS.
  • Exploration stage. Early mapping, sampling and geophysics.
  • Exploration potential. Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au, Skarn and Epithermal LS.


Platon is located in the Atacama Region, northern Chile, approximately 60 km northeast of Copiapó city.

Platon, Mali, and Poseidon are located 20 kilometers to the south of the Inca de Oro project.  Considering the recent Atlantida discovery by Minera Inmet Chile, MASGLAS is very encouraged about this cluster of exploration projects.

The Platon project is well positioned between two main metallogenic corridors, the Atacama Fault System to West and the Domeyko Fault System to East.  Mineralization events from Cretaceous and Paleocene ages offer a wide variety of deposit types like porphyry, IOCG, Skarn and Cu-Au veins.

Main deposits close to the Platon project are the Inca de Oro porphyry (Codelco, 7.670 Mt @ 0.36% Cu, 0.10 g/t Au, 0.010% Mo) and the Atlántida Project (FQM Porphyry/Skarn discovery).  Also several old mining districts remain unexplored like the Dinamarquesa, Porteña, Tres puntas, Chimberos, Carrera Pinto, etc.

Figure 1. Location of Platon project.
Figure 1. Location of Platon project.

Mining Property

The Platon properties covers an area of 4500 ha by exploration and exploitation mining claims, 100% owned by MASGLAS.


The project geology is dominated by modern gravel covering outcrops and sub-outcrops of mainly intrusive rocks from the Cretaceous age, intruding to volcanic, volcanoclastic and carbonated rocks from the Jurassic age.


Minera Inmet Chile SA carried out the early exploration work.  It consisted of geologic recognition and initial geochemical sampling resulting in several settings and anomalies related to peripheral and proximal zones of porphyry systems (Cu, Au, Ag, Mo, Pb and Zn).  Furthermore, the Platon was completely covered by a regional aeromagnetic flight.

Geological and geochemistry evidence at surface demonstrates shallow porphyry system signatures. Quartz stockwork with copper oxides were found with Cu anomalies between 500 and 1000 ppm around the cerro isla area in the northern sector of the properties. Meanwhile the southern sector with epithermal quartz-barite-CuOx veins were found with a polymetallic signature of Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn, with values of Cu > 0.5%, Ag > 50ppm, Pb > 0.1% and Zn >0.1%. (See Figure 2)

MASGLAS exploration work is underway.

Figure 2. Exploration potential in Platon project.